The World’s Best Real-Time Path Tracing GPU IP Core

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RayCore MC Test Result

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RayCore MC is the world’s best real-time path tracing GPU IP Core. It’s path tracing and soft shadow techniques present the highest quality photo-realistic images in 3D graphics processing today for real-time applications, from interactive visualization in product design, to an interactive on-line game being shared with a large group of players, with each having their own perspective and lighting solution.

RayCore MC IP core supports advanced graphic effects such as global illumination, soft shadow, depth of field, glossy reflection, and motion blur. Its Multiple-Instruction, Multiple-Data (MIMD) architecture enables real-time render processing and is highly optimized for low power consumption. The patented algorithms reduce system image memory accesses which help manage memory bandwidth and power consumption as well.  This combination makes the RayCore Path MC is ideal for mobile and embedded applications.

For reference, path tracing is a revolutionary next-generation rendering technique that makes it easy to create photo-realistic 3D graphic images by expressing the effects of light in a more natural and detailed way.


Unprecedented 3D graphic experiences in game, virtual reality, augmented reality and the like can be realized in user’s daily life

With photo-realistic graphics, RayCore MC is applied to movie, advertisement, education, and simulator.

RayCore MC’s small form factor and low power consumption makes it possible to integrate path tracing technology into application processor.

Parallelized unified T&I (Traversal & Intersection) units designed on MIMD architecture allow real-time path tracing.

In accordance with performance requirement, path tracing graphics performance can be linearly enhanced with increasing number of cores and variable clock frequency operation.


RayCore MC/MC Lite Architecture Flow Chart


Path Tracing Functions

Path Tracing Support
Monte-Carlo Ray Generation
Real-time diffuse reflection/refraction/transmission/soft-shadow
Glossy reflection
Colored shadow on transparent objects
Textured shadow, multi shadows
Depth of field, motion blur


Point light, spot light, directional light
Multiple light sources support, global lighting


Dynamic/static scene support
Scalable architecture (multi-cores support)


RayCore MC API
Support for
Intel Embree
MS DirectX (under dev)
3DS MAX Plug-in path tracing rendering (under dev)
Blender Plug-in for ray tracing rendering (under dev)

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