RayCore of GPU Product Overview

RayCore of GPU Technology is the world’s first real-time ray-tracing-enabled GPU IP that is applicable to a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices and smart TVs. This state-of-the-art GPU IP provides cinema-quality 3D graphics in mobile devices by fully supporting a variety of ray tracing functions such as reflection, refraction, transmission, shadow, and global lighting.

RayCore is designed with patented MIMD architecture which enables more efficient execution of parallel tasks, making it possible to implement dynamic 3D user interface/user experience, interactive 3D games, augmented reality and other 3D applications which are hard to implement using rasterization of GPU.

Among many advantages of RayCore, its high degree of scalability and simple integration configuration enable it to enhance graphics performance linearly with increasing number of RayCore. Its relative cost efficiency, namely the smaller number of transistors required to produce similar graphics processing capability, is another compelling factor which surpasses competing rasterization of GPU. This ensures a much smaller silicon area with significantly reduced power consumption.

MIMD Architecture

MIMD(Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data) is a technique employed to achieve parallelism. All GPU technology companies implement ray tracing pipeline based on SIMD(Single Instruction, Multiple Data) technique. This approach allows a single instruction to process simultaneous computations at a given time, however it may not be effectively applicable to real-time ray tracing implementation due to SIMD characteristics such as divergent branching and excessive memory access.

RayCore of GPU is designed based on MIMD architecture. This approach enables more efficient execution of independent parallel tasks – each ray is regarded as an independent instruction. Due to this advantage, RayCore of GPU maintains ray tracing performance regardless of ray coherence and scene characteristics and consequently supports real-time ray tracing.

RayCore of GPU is comprehensively protected by key patents worldwide.


RayCore MC is the world’s best real-time path tracing GPU IP Core. It’s path tracing and soft shadow techniques present the highest quality photo-realistic images in 3D graphics processing today for real-time applications, from interactive visualization in product design, to an interactive on-line game being shared with a large group of players, with each having their own perspective and lighting solution.

RayCore 1000 GPU IP

RayCore Series 1000 is the ideal real-time ray-tracing GPU IP for mobile and embedded applications. This state-of-the-art GPU IP provides reality-like 3D graphics by fully supporting natural light effects such as reflection, refraction, transmission, and various types of shadow.

RayCore 2000 GPU IP

RayCore 2000 is the advanced GPU IP that provides more immersive reality-like 3D contents to end-users and a more convenient content development environment to content developers with enhanced graphic functionalities.

RayCore Lite

RayCore Lite IP is designed based on MIMD architecture that can be utilized to upgrade existing shader GPUs to ray tracing performance levels. This RT approach enables more efficient execution of independent parallel tasks – each ray is regarded as independent instruction.

RayTree IP

RayTree is a dedicated KD-tree generation hardware IP that can be used in ray tracing deployments requiring dynamic scene changes,  in an online game for example. In order to deliver interactivity, with real-time high-quality dynamic 3D contents requires using KD-tree re-generation for any application.

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