John Peddie News: SiliconArts New Ray Tracing Chip And IP 4th Generation Path Tracing Engine

Founded in 2010 in Seoul by Dr. Hyung Min Yoon, formerly at Samsung, Hee-Jin Shin from LG, Byoung Ok Lee from MtekVision, and Woo Chan Park from Sejong University, SiliconArts took on the formidable task of designing and manufacturing a ray tracing hardware accelerator co-processor, which they called RayCore.

The company showed its first implementation in an FPGA in 2014, and it was impressive then (see TechWatch volume 14, number 17, August 26, 2014, p. 19). During the past four years, the company has been steadily making improvements, expanding its product line, and developed an ambitious and impressive road map. We have tried to encapsulate all that in this report.