ETIMES Stratup May Disrupt Mobile Graphics

Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research
8/25/2014 08:05 AM EDT

Ray-tracing core runs on 1W

Seemingly out of nowhere — well, South Korea actually — a four-year old startup recently burst on the scene

with a ray-tracing chip, the RayCore. The company was founded by Dr. Hyung Min Yoon, formerly at Samsung; HeeJin Shin from LG; ByoungOk Lee from MtekVision; and Woo Chan Park from Sejong University.

What they demonstrated simultaneously in talks at Hot Chips and Siggraph was a proof of concept for an IP block, not a product. No matter how delivered, they have an interesting and impressive piece of work. In fact, the company has been licensing its ray-tracing IP to OEM partners since 2011, and is currently working with a vendor of mobile apps processors on a next-generation SoC.

Results were impressive for three static test scenes for Whitted ray tracing rendered at interactive frame rates on an FPGA prototype.