CIO OUTLOOK: SiliconArts Recognize Top 10 HPC Companies – 2019

GPU is a core semiconductor technology used for computer graphics and 3D applications. Modern computer 3D graphics technology uses rasterization hardware technology to enhance rendering performance. As computing performance increases dramatically due to the enhancement of computing architecture, several software rendering techniques are used to support realistic 3D graphics. Among these techniques, ray-tracing technology is widely used in creating movies, animations, and other special effects. Nonetheless, current ray-tracing technology consumes a considerable amount of time to perform the rendering process. Based in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, SiliconArts has a MIMD (Multiple Instruction Stream, Multiple Data Stream) GPU architectures that implement low-power and high-performance real-time

processing of ray tracing which enables a graphic designer to generate photo-realistic high-quality 3D graphics with minimal efforts in comparison to rasterization hardware format.

We present to you “Top 10 HPC Solution Providers – 2019.”