2013 Korea New Technologies

Ray tracing GPU technology that Siliconarts has developed won an excellence prize at the award ceremony, ‘2013 Korea 10 new technologies’.

‘Korea 10 New Technologies’, which is hosted by MOTIE (The Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy) and supervised by KIAT (The Korea Institute for the Advancement of Technology), is one of the industrial technology awards ceremonies that boast… the country’s best authority. In this award ceremony, 10 new items that were selected as a promising technology were given a certificate for the new technology.

Among the accredited technologies, RayCore®, real-time ray tracing GPU technology, for HD-resolution, developed by Siliconarts, gains honor of receiving excellence award.

In computer graphics, ray tracing is a technique that generates an image by tracing the path of lights through pixels in an image plane and by simulating various optical effects such as reflection, refraction, transmission and shadow. Although ray tracing algorithm was first introduced back in 1970s, it has been hardly applied to real applications on real-time basis due to the complexity of the algorithm as well as memory structure required for considerable amounts of computation. In addition to increasing the degree of integration in computer devices, many technical efforts for a high level of parallelization in rendering process should have been implemented to make ray tracing a more practical technology. To realize real-time ray tracing rendering, Siliconarts, Inc. has developed RayCore®, the world’s first real-time ray tracing rendering hardware. Ray tracing hardware technology has been evaluated the value of leading significant graphics market growth within 5 years as a next-generation core technology which offering cinema-quality image with lower cost and lower power consumption.