Hybrid Rendering for Ray Tracing

Hybrid Rendering for Clients

The ability to perform photo-realistic graphics is coming to lower cost client solutions in 2021 with the adoption of dedicated ray tracing hardware functionality in GPUs.  Previously,  the performance of real-time ray tracing suitable for interactive graphics applications like gaming were only possible on very expensive dedicated graphics accelerator cards on personal computers,  workstations or the cloud.

The advent of ray tracing authoring content for current and launching platforms is creating a need for all platform developers to adopt this new technology.  This requires many platforms to upgrade their GPU technology from raster graphics technology that is drawing only triangles and shading them with artistic content to deploy full 3D modeling technology with automatic shading brought on by ray tracing lighting technology.  

This is an exciting step forward for graphics technology provides a simplified approach to generating content that is not screen dependent. 

 To address this dilemma, SiliconArts proposes a hybrid GPU architecture where the existing raster GPU is retained for backwards compatibility and platform support while the ray tracing feature capabilities are incorporated by adding the SiliconArts GPU coprocessors.



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