About Us


SiliconArts sees a world of immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality solutions using photo-realistic ray trace graphics in real-time for interactive gaming, visualization, design, and modeling. The team is composed of engineers with a passion for art and how to deliver it with next-generation graphics solutions.

SiliconArts’ mission is to enable a disruptive next-generation graphics technology, real-time ray tracing, that can create photorealistic video graphics with a vast range of applications, from films, games, architecture, engineering, design, scientific, medical,  industrial, and automotive applications. SiliconArts has designed real-time ray tracing GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) technology for use in servers, workstations, PCs, mobile, and VRA/R headsets.

SiliconArts is featured in the “Ray Tracing Summit” 2020 for gaming developers and was recognized as APAC CIO Outlook TOP 10 HPC Solution Providers in 2019.

SiliconArts has demonstrated its technology as CES, MWC, Hot-Chips, SIGGRAPH and Design & Reuse conferences.



SiliconArts team is composed of engineers with a passion for art and how to deliver it with next generation graphics solutions.  

The Company is lead by engineers all sharing this passion with a diverse background in technologies and product experience.

CEO & CTO Dr. Hyung Min Yoon

Hyung Min Yoon has more than 19 years of R&D experiences in computer architecture in various fields, and who now oversees the company’s technical strategy.

Prior to co-founding Siliconarts, Inc., Dr. Yoon served as a Project Leader at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology where he drove various R&D projects in establishing the long-term technology strategy and in materializing next generation concepts and technologies into end-user IT solutions and products. His leadership roles include the development project on 3D Entertainment Hardware and Software Architecture.

Dr. Yoon received his B.S. in Geology and Computer Science, M.S. and Ph.D. from Yonsei University.

CMO Mr. Steven Brightfield

Steven Brightfield has more than 30 years in the semiconductor SOC and IP licensing business. Prior to joining SiliconArts, Steve drove the CPU and AI roadmap for IP technologies at Wave Computing’s MIPS Division. Leading product management and marketing efforts in CPU, DSP, AI, VR, technologies at companies such as Qualcomm, LSI Logic, Zoran, GEC and earlier pioneering IP licensing in Silicon Valley with his firm Centamicron.

Mr. Tom Huang

Siliconarts Taiwan (Taiwan Business Development)

Dr. Suhoon Park

Ex-Auditor of Korea Aerospace Research Institute
CTO of ZMOT Co. Ltd.
Consultant of Siliconarts, Inc.
Consultant of Expo-Theme Park